Ideas That Are Changing The Blockchain World Part 1

  • Ideas That Are Changing The Blockchain World Part 1


    There are so many blockchain projects out there that have the ability to change the world, in fact Bitcoin itself is the perfect example of one, right? We want to explore some of the more unique and ‘out there’ blockchain projects that are promising to totally transform the way we exist and the way we communicate. Some projects are really useful, such as ones that aim to reduce carbon emissions, others might not seem as useful from the outset but do carry some potential, others just seem plain crazy, but we like those too.

    Cointelegraph have recently discussed ten such projects, ranging from the intelligent to the totally insane, we want to peer into this further and discuss our top three, starting with the Zero Carbon Project. This is a project based on a cryptocurrency token that is sourced by energy suppliers, the token gives those suppliers access to a zero carbon market that helps them to offset their own carbon emissions. According to Cointelegraph, the founder of Zero Carbon, Derek Meyers has said:

    “ZeroCarbon tokens have utility value because energy suppliers have to source them in order to pay the transaction fees required to participate in the Zero Carbon Market. In the UK, 32 energy suppliers are currently competing for business across the Market. They are also competing to purchase ZeroCarbon tokens to pay the transaction fees. As our community increases demand for ZeroCarbon tokens increases.”

    Next up, Uhive. This is a very interesting application. In a world that is dominated by social media and social networks, we are all bound to the rules and regulations of social media use. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have become so ingrained within our modern society that we probably couldn’t live without them. Uhive, takes the social network model and turns to the blockchain for inspiration, according to Cointelegraph:

    “Uhive is designed to take social networking to the next level. The goal is to create a positive and noble idea with the potential for sparking a social movement. This blockchain project allows users to connect with their friends and family. It also offers them a platform on which they can find their interests and explore them to the fullest.”

    By using blockchain technology, Uhive wants to make the idea of a social network more empowering than the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which have literally taken over our lives of late.

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