My Experience with Vite Testnet

  • I’ve installed the Vite software even before the Testnet was officially launched to get a first feel of how it would look like.

    I had never used Golang before and I was a little unsure. My doubts were soon erased because the Go documentation is quite good and if you go for a standard install the GOPATH is set-up correctly automatically (Debian/Ubuntu). So it worked well.

    Then came the Testnet, and I used the terminal to play and generate a Vite private/public key pair. It was originally not so easy, and to this day I believe some extra documentation would help, but I managed to get my way through with Vite core team feedback and leading SBPs Snap Secure and SwissVite.

    I was quick to start voting for Vite SBPs and enjoyed the consistency of pay-offs for voting. I wish I could have done all via the command line, also the staking and PoW to get transactions to go through. I believe some extra work is required here to help people like me who would like to avoid using the online wallet. By the way a lot of people try to avoid those because of (arguably small) security risk.

    As I had already played with the command line, it was easy later on to install a regular node when the program was kicked. It worked immediately. Too bad competition is high now, and the reward is lower, but it still remains break-even for me given my server costs – at the current low price.

    Overall I’m very happy with my experience. I wish there was more technical documentation already to start interacting with the Vite blockchain exclusively from the terminal, and start envisioning the building a dApp or something else on the network – call me impatient!!

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