Twitter Thinks Ethereum Is King

  • Twitter Thinks Ethereum Is King


    Throughout its life, Ethereum has always had a funny relationship with Twitter. When you browse tweets, it seems that Ethereum always comes out on top when it comes to hot talking points. The hashtag #ethereum and other variations of the tag are ever common. Prolific figures within Ethereum like it’s founder, Vitalik Buterin are often some of the most outspoken on Twitter also.

    Ethereum has always been on fire, trending within tweets and standing out as a community favourite, though we can’t ignore a big part of why this might be the case, a surge in ‘Ethereum giveaways’ on Twitter in the wake of the 2017 bull run seemed to have huge impact on the popularity of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency. Twitter was used as a platform to run marketing based competitions that encouraged Twitter users to tweet, re-tweet, follow and generally engage with prolific Twitter users in order to take part in Ethereum giveaways. The premise is that a Twitter influencer would ask the community to re-tweet a tweet in order to enter a competition to win a portion of Ethereum. Prizes varied and as did the requirements for entrance.

    These giveaways started to become more frequent and began to attract bad actors. Fake giveaways would be set up in order to phish personal data and even gain access to people’s cryptocurrency wallets, because yes, people were so invested in these giveaways, they would be willing to give up their private key. Fake accounts pretending to be the likes of Vitalik Buterin and even Elon Musk made these scams far more realistic.

    Even so, with all this behind us, Twitter still think Ethereum is king, according to Ethereum World News, many people on Twitter, within the Ethereum community strongly believe that their beloved cryptocurrency will be trading above $1,000.00 again soon:

    “Ethereum bulls seem to still be holding onto hope. Analyst Nik Patel recently hosted a poll through his Twitter feed, asking Crypto Twitter if they believe that ETH will ever trade above $1,000 ever again. Interestingly, out of the 4,000-odd respondents, a good majority (70% of eligible answers), claimed that they believe that the cryptocurrency will one day enter the four-digit price range once again.”

    The outlook is starting to look a little more positive, Ethereum bulls have noticed some similarities between recent price hikes, and the success of Ethereum in 2017:

    “Also, a number of analysts have begun to observe that Ethereum may soon rally hard against Bitcoin, as a fractal is starting to play out. Popular industry analyst Galaxy recently pointed out that the ETH/BTC chart currently looks as it did prior to 2017’s absolute explosion, during which the asset rallied to over 0.1 BTC.”

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