- A new SBP is Born - 100% DISTRIBUTION BONUS

  • - A new SBP working for the Vite Public Chain.
    We received our first block today at cycle 91. Let us share with you more details about our services.


    • Start Bonus:

    (Our distribution is set at 100% for the next two weeks)
    (from cycle 92 to cycle 105).
    Vote for to enjoy the START BONUS!


    • Rewards:

    Our distribution model is searchable on, and will begin right after the Start Bonus at cycle 105.

    Payments are daily processed and automatic. Data is public and recorded on the Vite public chain. will soon provide more analytics to help voters tracking their rewards easily.

    • Infrastructures:

    4 vCPU
    8 GB RAM
    160 GB
    SSD Storage
    25 TB/month
    data transfer

    Location: Česká Republika

    banner vitedelegate.jpeg
    Let's begin a new Vite adventure together! Thank you to those who will follow with their votes! #somethingcool

  • Reward

    Awesome! Good luck! 🙂

  • @fonzie We appreciate your support!

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