100% Distribution until the Mainnet release and BIG announcement - Vote for ViteTI SBP

  • ViteTI offers 100% distribution until the Mainnet release!!! Starting today

    ViteTI, your community SBP, has the strong intention to stay in the top 25, so we decided to make this big gift to our community. You will enjoy, starting today, 100% distribution if you vote for ViteTI SBP until the Vite mainnet release.

    After the mainnet release, ViteTI promises you to offer the best distribution in the all Vite network. Yes it is a promise!

    Let's make Vite more decentralized and help our SBP be elected in the top25. Vote for ViteTI from your wallet and enjoy daily profits at the highest rate.

    Thank you for your trust and see you on the Vite road!


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