How do I deposit digital assets from other exchanges onto ViteX?

  • ViteX currently supports multiple cryptocurrency transactions, including deposits from other exchanges into the ViteX exchange.

    In this example, we use the Houbi App to deposit ETH into the ViteX exchange.

    1. Open the Houbi Wallet App and select ETH.


    1. Then click on “Transfer”.


    1. On the Transfer page, click on the scan icon in the upper right hand corner to scan the QR code for the corresponding address.


    1. Open the ViteX web wallet, select the ETH gateway, and click the “Receive” button under the "Wallet Cross-Chain Gateway" column to display the QR code and receiving address.


    1. On the Transfer page of the Houbi mobile app, scan the QR code for"Recipient Address" or copy/paste the correct address, enter the amount of coins and click "Confirm".


    1. Confirm the transaction information and verify the password to initiate the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, the amount will be transferred to your ViteX wallet within 10 to 20 minutes. In order to trade, you must deposit the transferred ETH from your ViteX wallet to the ViteX exchange.


    1. Open the ViteX web wallet and select ETH and click "Deposit" button under the "Exchange Available Balance" column.


    1. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Deposit”.


    1. After the deposit is successful, you can view your total balance in the "Exchange Total Balance" column. Now you can start trading with your ETH!

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