How do I exchange VITE ERC20 token for VITE native coin?

  • Via VITE's exchange function, you may exchange your ERC20 VITE tokens on the Ethereum network to Vite native coins on the VITE network.

    During the exchange, your ERC20 VITE will be transferred to a black hole address: 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111. When the transaction is received and confirmed, the exchange system will issue you the equivalent VITE to your VITE address.

    Mobile app operation guide:

    1. Open the Vite Wallet App on the phone and select VITE (ERC20) from the assets list.


    1. Click the "Copy" button in the upper right corner of the frame. Paste the copied address into your other exchange or wallet in order to transfer ERC20 VITE.

    Note: To complete the exchange, a small portion of ETH from ERC20 (used for gas) will be collected from the above copied address.


    1. After the transfer step, click the button "VITE Conversion" to enter the exchange page.

    2. Fill in the Conversion Amount, drag the slider to select the Gas Fee, and click on the “convert” button to complete the Conversion.


    1. Completion of the transfer

    Please wait patiently after submitting the exchange. Ethereum transactions requires about 30 block confirmations, which will take about 5 to 10 mins. Completion of the Ethereum transaction can be checked via the exchange log.

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