How do I withdraw assets from ViteX?

    1. On the ViteX wallet page, select the digital asset you want to withdraw, and click on the "Send" button under the "Wallet Cross-Chain Gateway" column. You will then be directed to another page containing the cross-chain transfer interface.



    1. Open your OKEX App and select “Wallet”.


    1. Click on “Receives” and select "ETH"



    1. You will then see a "Receipt address" and a corresponding QR code. Click the copy icon to copy the address to your clipboard.


    1. Now, return to your ViteX page. Paste the copied address into the Recipient Address, enter the transfer amount, and click “Cross-Chain Send Funds”.


    1. That's it, you're done! The funds may take a little bit of time to show up, so please be patient.

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