ViteX platform Operator login plan - ITDC launches online campaign

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    ITDC will cooperate with ViteX platform to hold ITDC online series activities

    [Event 1, airdrop red envelope rain, 500,000 ITDC]

    Activity time: 2019/09/20 00:00 - 2019/09/20 24:00 (GMT+8)
    Activity Rules:

    1. ITDC and ViteX platform cast 500,000 ITDC red packets to 2 community users, including Vite user group and ITDC project community.

    2. The airdrop time is subject to the community notification. Please pay attention.

    3. Scan code can enter the project community.

    Add customer service WeChat at the bottom of the official website. Official website: ITDC.TOP

    [Activity 2, node holding bonus reward]

    Activity time: continuous
    The number of positions reached 2 million ITDC users can become super nodes, super nodes can enjoy 20% token rewards for positions of ITDC per month! The top 20! The average daily position reaches 500,000 ITDC users, can apply to become a regular node, the regular node can enjoy the monthly ITDC number of 8% token reward! At the same time, the operator level will take out 80% of the fee income of the ITDC transaction, and allocate it to the ITDC position of 500,000 and above users.

    [Event 3, 5-7 fold, buy 50 million ITDC]

    Activity time: 2019/09/21 12:00 - 2019/09/28 12:00 (GMT+8)
    Activity rules: Enjoy a 30% discount on the number of Vite below 12000, and enjoy a 50% discount on the number of Vite and above. At the end of the subscription, the corresponding usdt will be returned based on the number of Vite held by the user.

    [Event 4, trading contest wins]

    Activity time: 2019/09/28 18:00 - 2019/10/05 18:00
    Activity rules: During the event, the top 100 users of ITDC transaction volume can share 10 million ITDC according to the transaction volume.

    ITDC reward ratio:

    First place: 3 million ITDC

    Second place: 2 million ITDC

    Third place: 1 million ITDC

    The remaining 97 users: share the remaining 4 million ITDC in proportion to the transaction volume.

    The sooner you participate, the higher the weight of the trading volume. The user's trading volume is calculated by (buy + sell) x (time bonus factor) (do not count the user's trading, do not brush the trading volume). (Time bonus factor) linearly decreases from time 1.5 times from the start of the activity to 1.0 times the end of the activity. Real total transaction volume is higher than 200,000 ITDC to be short-listed.

    At the same time, ITDC will apply to become a VX mining transaction pair!Add one more point: before the itdc online trading, the user's itdc has any trading changes to disrupt the subscription and other behaviors, do not enjoy the discount back! Please know!

    Introduction to Token:

    Token Name: ITDC
    Total tokens: 1 billion
    Consensus mechanism: subdomain DPoS (AS+DPoS)
    Node reward: service contribution (power calculation storage) + block packing contribution

    Token assignment:

    5% IEO subscription
    5% investor
    5% project team
    5% Development Fund
    10% Market & Operations & Community
    70% node reward

    Note that the share held by the project team and investors are locked for two years and released on a monthly basis. And the team will not have any secondary market operations before the main online line, and will not sell the share.

    ITDC Foundation

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