Can't get HTTP address for GRIN

  • I installed Vite Wallet and added GRIN. When I click on the Receive button I don't have the option to get HTTP address. I just get a typical crypto address and a scan pattern at the bottom. I'm using an Android phone and cannot recover my GRIN from Poloniex without an HTTP address.

  • Vite wallet(Android)doesn't support GRIN atm.
    It's already in our list and will be available in the near future.

  • I am using IOS wallet and I cannot get an HTTP address to display to receive GRIN into my VITE wallet. It shows a blank.

  • Just to clarify: Vite iOS wallet DOES support GRIN HTTP transfers. If you cannot see the address in your Vite iOS wallet, please refresh the wallet (very likely to be a connection issue)

  • @Mark-Sweeting I have that as one of a number of problems. I have confirmed deposits but spendable balance is 0, I sent 10 GRIN to KuCoin and that withdrawal is not showing up and I am trying to cancel a deposit from KuCoin because it has been in progress for over 24 hours. If I can ever get my coin out of the wallet I’m either going to leave it on KuCoin or sell it.

  • @rickhartmanii Did you withdraw GRIN from Kucoin to ViteX or you withdraw from ViteX to Kucoin?

  • @KhunSir_Vite Both. I have a 10 coin withdrawal from iOS Vite to KuCoin that arrived at KuCoin but the transaction is not showing up in Vite. I also have a deposit from KuCoin to the wallet that has been in progress for over 24 hours. I am working with KuCoin to cancel that one.

  • @rickhartmanii ok, KuCoin successfully cancelled the deposit that was stuck going from the exchange to the wallet. However, the more costly part of the problem, access to coins already in the wallet still exists. I can see the complete confirmations for both of the deposits but the spendable amount shows as 0.

  • @rickhartmanii If you canceled the deposit, your coins will stay at Kucoin. Ask the exchange to refresh their Grin wallat status to have the coins reflected in your Kucoin account. In nature, Grin doesn't have a auto-check function if you cancelled some tx in the middle. You must do manual check in the wallet, no matter it is Vite wallet or any other Grin wallet.

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