To Solve the Problem of GRIN Withdrawal to Vite/ViteX wallet

  • Dear community,

    We recently received numerous questions about GRIN withdrawal from Poloniex to Vite wallet or ViteX exchange. The common problem is confirmation keeps staying 0 even after waiting for a long period.

    Our team has tested in a couple of exchanges, and it seems it mostly happens on Poloniex (such function works well on many other exchanges). So we came up with the conclusion that it should not be a tech problem on our side.

    If you are having a problem like this, we offer a solution as belows:

    1. Contact Poloniex to refund your assets
    2. Withdraw from Poloniex to another GRIN-friendly exchange (e.g. Hotbit, MXC, etc.). You can check CoinMarketCap to see what exchanges have GRIN pairs (
    3. Make a transaction from that exchange to Vite wallet or ViteX.

    We will keep you updated if we have any new solutions on this problem. Thanks for your support!

    Important: Vite Android wallet currently doesn't support native GRIN coin on GRIN CHAIN, but Android wallet supports GRIN deposit on ViteX exchange (it shows as GRIN-000). Make sure to use cross-chain deposit to find your http address for depositing GRIN to ViteX.

    For iOS users, if you want to keep GRIN on GRIN CHAIN (as a HD wallet, not tradable), transfer GRIN to its native coin in the Vite wallet. If you want to trade on ViteX, make sure find GRIN-000 and press cross-chain deposit to find your http address for depositing GRIN to ViteX.

  • I have the Vite wallet for Android installed. Both the wallet and the exchange show the GRIN-000 coin. So are you saying that we can transfer GRIN into the ViteX exchange (as GRIN-000) and then we can transfer from the ViteX exchange to the Vite wallet? Or am I misunderstanding your post and the Vite wallet for Android cannot currently receive GRIN or GRIN-000?

  • @jlavoy Vite Android wallet currently doesn't support GRIN native coin. So if you want to transfer GRIN to Vite Android wallet, the only way is to cross-chain deposit to ViteX exchange. We will integrate GRIN into Android wallet soon.

  • Vite Android multi-chain wallet will support GRIN (native) soon. Please stay tuned. At this moment, if you just want to store your GRIN coins in a mobile wallet (not for trade), you can choose Vite iOS wallet.

  • I withdrew from Poloniex to and today tried to withdraw from to the iPhone Vite App Grin Address. It has been over 2 hours and I still see 0/10 confirmed when looking at the details. Should I submit a zendesk request for my issue since it doesn't involve Poloniex this time?

  • @calibrisk said in To Solve the Problem of GRIN Withdrawal to Vite/ViteX wallet:


    We saw the information on zendesk,Vite adheres to the standard GRIN HTTP protocol. If follows this agreement, GRIN can be transferred to the VITE wallet. We have checked the screenshot of your previous transfer failure.企业微信截图_90056400-9355-4804-8754-550547f8cc3a(1).png

  • @ViteX I sent GRIN from Poloniex to using an HTTP address and had no problems but when sending to Vite http address, I'm seeing the exact same error that I did when sending from Poloniex. I suspect that if I transfer my GRIN to yet another exchange and try this again, it will fail. Which exchange has been verified to work?

  • @calibrisk We haven't seen any other failure from yet. Maybe you try to withdraw from again? Or, we have tested Kucoin to Vite wallet (not ViteX address) and it works well. You can try to use Kucoin as well if you have an account.

  • @KhunSir_Vite Please how can I move from my wallet address to Full Node Wallet Address?

  • @Chukelu Could you clarify your question? Are you trying to move GRIN? And what do you mean between "wallet" and "full node wallet"?

  • Hi,
    I have to transfer GRIN from Kucoin to Vite (iOS).
    But when I put Vite Address on Kucoin, he tells me it's not a valid address.
    Vite address begins with vite_........................, Kucoin does not accept it.
    How should I do it?

  • @calibrisk

    I did something similar after reading this thread. Sent GRIN from Poloniex to Kucoin, because my VITE iOS app doesn't have an HTPP address on the screen. So I thought it was a Poloniex issue. But in order to send to the VITE app now from Kucoin, I still need an address. I tried using the VITE address in the form of vote_9............, but it says the address contains personal information and won't let me send. This is the same exact thing that Mario post trying to do 8 days ago. What a mess if VITE can simply provide us an address to use to send our GRIN tokens.

  • @KhunSir_Vite I decided to revisit this issue and try again but this time from KuCoin as you suggested. I moved my coins from to KuCoin then withdrew to my Vite (iphone) wallet. This time KuCoin was reporting that the transaction was successful but I didn'tsee the funds in my GRIN on Vite app. I spoke with KuCoin support and they were able to confirm that the transaction was confirmed, see attached screenshot they sent me. They asked that I check the issue with Vite now, what is going on? See screenshot I provided to KuCoin and the screenshot of the confirmation they provided me.2020-04-11_19-20-17.png d2a6922cc8f4ab66f9931fed59e1727a099980b1.png

  • Wanted to follow up on this as I finally got it resolved and I now see GRIN in my Vite Wallet (iPhone).
    After opening a ticket with support this is what happened:

    1. In the top right corner of the app, when you open your GRIN wallet, there are 3 dots which gives you an option to "Check". You select that and it re-syncs your wallet. I had to let that run and keep that app open (I had to prevent my phone from going to sleep), until it fully syncs, this took about 15 minutes for me.
    2. After syncing, I could see the latest "Complete" transaction for the correct amount but on the app I still couldn't see those coins as "spendable". After checking the transaction more closely, I found that it seemed to be stuck in the Vite Gateway.
    3. As per Vite's instructions on this screen, there is an button option to "resend". After this completed (another 10 minutes of waiting), I finally saw the funds as "spendable" in the GRIN wallet.

    Overall, this was one of the most frustrating experiences of any wallet I have ever used. It is slow because the node it is syncing with is somewhere in Asia (straight from the horse's mouth) and if you are in the USA, the app will feel very sluggish with every loading screen you see. I guess if or when a node is added somewhere in the states, that the app will perform better for USA users.

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