Final Decision of VX Releasing Curve

  • Dear Community Members,

    The final decision of VX releasing curve is determined by you after 2 rounds of voting. Option 1 (28 million total supply) received 82.66% supports from the community, whereas option 2 (45 million total supply) received 17.34% supports.

    Here's the result:

    New total supply is about 28M and will be distributed over 8 years. Daily release amount will rise from 10k to 50k during the first 90 days and reduce gradually after that. Since the original total supply is 100M, there will be about 72M VX to be destroyed. The table and chart below do not include released amounts before the first 90 days.

    Yearly releasing amount


    Daily releasing amount

    We will send another announcement for when to execute the new curve. Thanks for your support!

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