Staked Amount Gone

  • Err, I have staked 427 VITE for mining but however I realized today that the staked amount is gone as airdrop page is telling me to stake to get more VITE.

    Not sure what's happening here. In my staking record, it's empty. And I didn't get back that 427 VITE in my wallet. It literally went missing.

  • @ahhuan95

    Where did you check your staked amount?
    Is it possible that you are checking in the app “staked for Quota” rather then “staking for vx mining”?

  • @Michi the only VITE that I staked is for mining, all along I have been receiving airdrops for the maximum amount possible, however for today's airdrop I received very little as the app says I didn't stake any VITE.

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