UI and UX needs a lot of improvement, especially for staking!

  • Hi Vite team,

    First of all, congrats for all your work so far! I've been a supporter since 2018 and I'm impressed by all your progress and development speed. Recently, I started using ViteX as well, which was been mostly a positive experience. However, I find that there is a lot of room for improvement in the UI and UX of the iOS wallet and ViteX web app (these are the only products I've used so far so I can't comment on the rest). There are bugs, inconsistencies, conflicting guidelines and it's generally hard to keep track of all your assets and transactions.

    Let me get into more details:

    ViteX (web)

    1. No.1 problem: In the Staking as Mining section, the Add button is disabled (why?), not allowing you to add more funds to your stake. I thought I might have to withdraw my current stake in order to add a new one, so I withdrew the funds and now it's saying I have to wait for 7-8 days to get my stake back! In the guidelines here: https://vite.wiki/dex/#staking-as-mining you mention that "if a user stakes his or her VITE, they will be able to withdraw it after 3 days". My 3 days have already passed, so I should be able to withdraw them immediately, not after another 7-8 days! This is very misleading. So instead of being able to add to my stake, now I have to wait 7-8 days with zero stake!
    2. In Quota Management, you have this 'My Staking List' that used to show your staking history, including Staking for Mining. Now it shows only the VITE staked for Quota which is a bit confusing... and scary since suddenly it was saying 'Staking 0 VITE in total' and I thought I lost all my coins! Maybe rename it to something like 'Staking for Quota' and have an info button that says this doesn't include staking for mining. Also, the staking history under that list has disappeared, I'm assuming because of the hard fork?
    3. In general it's a bit of a pain to track all your coins and where you have staked them. There is VITE that can be staked for Mining, VIP, Quota... then VX that can be staked for dividends, etc. It would be useful to have a view where you can see your whole portfolio, including all your staked positions for everything.
    4. In the Transactions section (https://x.vite.net/walletTransList), you need some fields that are more descriptive of the transaction. Currently I have a bunch of transactions of 0 VITE that don't show any more information other than the type, date and address. Again, since the VITE ecosystem has so many components, it is hard to keep track of what you transferred, bought/sold, staked, etc, so a descriptive list of all of your activity in one place would be greatly helpful.
    5. Finally, an easier one: In Open Orders and Order History, it would be a better experience if the most recent orders appeared automatically instead of you having to enter the dates for the range manually every time you want to see your orders.

    Vite Wallet (iOS)

    Most of the above also apply to the Vite Wallet iOS app, but there are also some specific issues:

    1. In the Wallet Asset tab, I tap on VITE and the Staked field shows 0, when I have 134 VITE staked.
    2. To get to the Mining tab, I have to go to the exchange, then tap on a trading pair, then wait for the UI to load and then go to the mining tab. So many steps and hard to find...
    3. Under the Staking section of the Mining tab, the same problem applies as No.1 problem above (Add button disabled and can't withdraw funds after 3 days).
    4. When I tap on a trading pair, the Trade tab seems to be taking forever to load. But if I go on another tab and come back, it loads fine.
    5. In the Transaction history, the description for all transactions is just 'Transfer', unlike the web app where you get the different 'Type' at least. It doesn't give you any info, as most of the transactions just say 'Transfer' and 0 VITE.
    6. Again, like in the web app, it would be great to have a 'Portfolio' view with all your tokens, including all the different places where you have staked them, and an 'Activity' view with all the activities (transferring, buying/selling, staking, etc) in one place and with better descriptions, including the amounts (not just 0 VITE and Transfer). These are the two most important things to keep track of and you shouldn't have to go to dozens of different places to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    I know that it's still in the beginning, but you can't have this kind of UX in a product labelled as Version 3.0.0. This is more like an alpha version and it makes a bad impression to label it this way. I would suggest labelling for what it is and taking some time to polish your clients. This is what users see after all so it's as important as the technology behind it. Hiring a tester or two to spot these things for you would be helpful too as I'm sure you've got your hands full with so many things right now.

    The technology you've built is very exciting, so don't let small things like this bring your image down!

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