Vite Android Wallet Supports GRIN

  • In April 2019, Vite iOS wallet became the first mobile wallet supporting GRIN. Thanks to Vite's strong technical strength, we not only led a head start, but also largely improved user experience. 7 months have passed, GRIN Android wallet is finally here!

    Wallet transactions in 3 methods:

    1. HTTP Address
    Enabled by our original asynchronous concept, simply use the HTTP address provided by Vite to receive or send your Grins. No more stay on the line.


    Transactions completed with just one step.


    2. VITE Address
    GRIN transaction file is encrypted and transferred by VITE transactions (0-VITE-amount transaction) between sender and recipient. Only the recipient is able to decrypt the transaction file, adding security to the transaction.
    Only the sender is required to complete the transaction.


    3. File
    Conventional GRIN transactions.

    Vite wallet gives you a GRIN transaction experience smooth as transferring non-anonymous tokens.

    Looking for a GRIN wallet? Try Vite!

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