[ANN] Adjustments to VX Market Allocation Rules of Market-Making as Mining

  • Dear Users,

    We will be making the following adjustments to VX allocation of Market-Making as Mining to further optimize the incentive mechanism.

    Mines 10% of daily released VX, with BTC market weighted equally at 5%, ETH and VITE market weighted equally at 1.5%, USDT market weighted equally at 2%.

    Placing orders on ViteX will also earn users VX rewards. The amount of VX earned depends on three factors: 1) the amount of order, 2) the amount of time your order remains on the order book, and 3) the amount of deviation from the best bid and best offer in the order book spread.

    Allocation: 10% of daily released VX, with BTC market and USDT) weighted equally at 5%,ETH and VITE market weighted 1.5%, USDT market weighted 2%.

    How to participate:
    Only eligible trading pairs will be considered for market-making as mining rewards
    Both buy and sell orders are considered for market-making as mining rewards
    Orders must not deviate from the designated mining range in the order book

    Dec 27, 2019
    ViteX Team

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