My Vite Test-net Experience

  • Hello everyone here,

    I am quite new to the world of crypto. I had only done transactions in BTC and Eth (before Vite). So I don't know how easy or difficult it is to send other tokens. I hadn't checked out any test net before either. So Vite is the starting point for a lot of new things for me. However, I have no basis of comparison. I will only tell how my experience of using Vite test net and android app has been.

    The Vite web wallet is extremely easy to use. One part that I really like is that I don't have to download the wallet file. The web wallet works just fine. I tried transacting in Neo, but then I had to download their wallet, and it seemed very complicated. No such problem with Vite. It's so fast and easy to send. Moreover, I don't have to set the gas fees like Eth. I don't know how Vite does it, but I just run a PoW program and the transaction happens. I understand that this is just test net, and so I should not compare with Vite with Eth. But transactions on Eth are very frustrating. I have to set the gwei, then keep on checking whether the transaction has happened. change the gwei if its taking a long time, and etc. No such hassles with Vite.

    Their Android mobile app is also so easy to use. It is a very light weight app, which loads very fast. The features are less compared to Vite web wallet, but those features are enough. One thing which is missing is the ability to get VTT. I hope Vite adds it soon, as its fun to receive and send VTT when I am bored. The colour scheme of the app is very nice and pleasing to the eyes.

    I also heard that Vite will open a Dex, and that is very exciting news. Switcheo and Idex are quite troublesome, and one can't trust centralized exchanges enough. I hope they do as good a job in their Dex as they have done with other features. And I also wish that the transactions remain equally fast and reliable when Vite launches main net.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Its always interesting to hear from people who are new to crypto about Vite. Vite is indeed a very different experience compared to BTC or ETH. I believe it still has some way to go before it is as mature as the other two but it is progressing steadily towards that!

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