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  • Can somebdy please tell me who to contact about my coins not appearing after conferming? thank you

  • @cracker76

    Yeah I am having the same problem! When you rescan the chain in the vite wallet all I am getting is this!!

    LibWallet Error: Client Callback Error: Getting chain height from node: Request error. Cannot make request: an error occurred trying to connect: failed to lookup address information: nodename nor service provided, or not know.

    This means that the client node name is incorrect and the one is wrong from the date of the fork! So you can not connect to the node to update your transactions! My last transaction is stuck at 9/10 confirmations!

    So vite is responsible for this! They need to tell people the node address and the key to sync to the grin mainnet! But they must be on vacation right now because I have emailed them and texted them in the forum and still no answer! Basically they are not doing their jobs! Try them again! Or start posting stuff online about the project and see if that lights a fire under their butts! Choice is yours! I personally will make my own choice because I don’t feel like waiting till someone takes a year to fix this then I have lost all my grin to this project! I’m a Linux man so I wait for no one!

    But with all the frustrations aside just email them with this code bug and see it they can provide us all a new node address with a new key then we can enter it in and finalize the syncing process on the new chain fork! That’s the simple fix!

  • @issiah

    Click the link and you will see the server node is gone!!!!


  • @issiah

    You can also email the devs at [email protected] and see if they respond I have tried several times to no avail! Maybe they are having a coffee and donut! All I can say is if this keeps happening people will start complaining about the project and we all know what happens to projects at that point! They get a bad reputation and the coins dive! So just give them a call and see if they will fix this! It is just a bad node address! No need to panic!

  • so you check the actual balance by taking the login info and using any open source grin wallet, the coins that havent been confirmed yet, might need to be resent from the exchange if not arrived.

  • @grinminer98
    No dude! The coins have all be received but 3! The wallet grin address fullnode is wrong and goes no place!

    Try it


    This is the full node address in the grin wallet to do resync to! It is bogus now and links to nothing!

    So you can not move or get your coins because you have no way to sync up!

  • @issiah

    This is my address


    The 30 grin that was there is no longer there! So when the fork happened, vite wallet shows no coins there! When I go to the web portal and login there are no coins there either!

    This is the web portal

    So I want to know what happen to my grin coins that were in my vite iOS wallet and under the web portal? I have screen shots of my vit iOS wallet transactions that all show my incoming grin coins and even the 3 that only had 9/10 confirmations! So who took them and were are they it this wallet is so secure!

    This is a off chain wallet so the only people who have answers are the vite developers! So were are my coins?

  • @issiah

    This is the vite gateway collection
    Slate ID

    This is the vite transaction send
    Slate ID

    THIS IS PROOF I HAD COINS SENT TO THE VITE IOS WALLET! So if I did not remove them then only the vite developers know who did after the grin fork! Also and last no vite developers have contacted me via my email sent to them to let me know what is going on, so did they steal my coins? And if this has happened to me then how many other people is this happening to? Is this a scam? I want answers!

    Here is my email [email protected] you devs can sent to answer my questions about my missing coins!

  • they need to resync the whole grin chain, if they didnt the coins are still on the exchange. if you download grin++ and use your vite wallet login info, you can check how many coins actually exist in your wallet. vite wallets are usable on any grin open source wallet.

  • Hi @al”
    We have submitted An upgrade version to solve the GRIN issue, expecting to get approval by Apple within today. Android will be updated in couple of next days. Stay tuned for further notice!

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