Germany Sees Blockchain Technology Just As Revolutionary As The Internet

  • Germany Sees Blockchain Technology Just As Revolutionary As The Internet


    One-third of big companies in Germany see blockchain technology justs as revolutionary as the internet was in the late 90s/early 00s.

    At least that’s according to a survey administered by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. The survey showed that there was around fifteen percent of companies in the nation that believe blockchain will somehow alter society and the economy as much as the internet has.

    The Federal Association has had many polls published for firms and the general public in Germany under the subject of crypto and blockchain on how they view them. Another survey operated in November showed that around sixty percent of local businesses are hesitant about the approach for the topic of blockchain but this was primarily down to a lack of practical applications.

    Last year in 2018, the Association found that over sixty percent of the German people were aware of what Bitcoin actually was. This figure was double what it was back in 2016 when the same survey was conducted.

    The CEO of the German Association spoke on the matter regarding the economic significance of digital currencies and blockchain.

    Bernhard Rohleder stated:

    "Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a good example of how the digital age is able to change the financial world. This is not so much about the individual currency itself as it is about the underlying blockchain technology. It will have an impact on the whole economy.”

    an ice cream shop in Berlin revealed that a “super nice” guy urged them to spearhead Bitcoin adoption with the local crowd whilst out for lunch. Funnily enough that unknown “super nice” guy turned out to be the legendary Bitcoin figurehead, Andreas Antonopoulos!

    All of this shows that Bitcoin and the rest of the space are slowly becoming more adopted to more people. Germany is well known for its adoption of technologies but Bitcoin is still making waves across Europe.

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