Andrew Yang: “I Would Not Rule Out Running For Office Again.”

  • Andrew Yang: “I Would Not Rule Out Running For Office Again.”


    Just after the end of his campaign for the United States presidency, Andrew Yang said the following “see you back in New York.”

    Many people in the cryptocurrency industry saw a flash of light from Yang as he ran for the presidency this year. Unfortunately, he isn’t going to get into office however, it’s not going to stop him in his political endeavours. Yang is one of the biggest crypto advocates in the world, especially in his position running for the presidency - which would’ve been a massive feat for the industry. He highlighted cryptocurrency and blockchain as a big thing in his campaign, which was great for many enthusiasts.

    The progressive ideas that Yang has when it came to the universal basic income furthered his campaign out of obscurity and into the spotlight last year. Despite this, he was unable to match the support of other Senators such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in the Iowa caucuses a few weeks ago. Even though there were several setbacks, Yang said that he wanted to get involved in local elections when he returns to returns to New York.

    “I would certainly not rule out running for office again.”

    It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out and whether Yang will try his luck at the presidency in the next election.

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