Blockchain Football Tickets To Be Issued By UEFA This Year

  • Blockchain Football Tickets To Be Issued By UEFA This Year


    There’s been a lot of football news going on in the crypto industry these past few weeks. First, the French team Paris Saint-Germain is getting ready to launch its own fan token to give fans the ability to have their say on some of the novelty things the club goes through as well as being able to win VIP merchandise. Then we saw Barcelona, one of the biggest teams in the world follow suit and is also planning to launch its own token for the fans.

    So for football fans in Europe that don’t support either of these teams, don’t fret! Blockchain isn’t completely closed to you. This is thanks to a new initiative by UEFA.

    According to the announcement on the 17th of February, UEFA will be distributing more than a million football match tickets to a blockchain linked mobile application. The organisation claims that this new ticketing system will help make everything much safer when going into a stadium.

    The new blockchain-based mobile ticketing solution is has been designed in order to prevent duplication and replication of tickets by “QR codes only being activated by Bluetooth once fans are in close proximity to the stadium.” The app can be downloaded by anyone using an iOS or Android device.

    It will take no more than a week for tickets to be delivered before the match with UEFA predicting to deliver more than 1 million mobile tickets to fans across all 51 matches. The decision to opt-in for this system seems to be in an attempt to facilitate ticket distribution to what is expected to be the most anticipated UEFA cup in the world.

    The organisation further went on to say that digital ticketing will help the environment. With less paper consumption, this will be a lot more convenient for all the fans as well as the environment. They further went on to say:

    “Supporters who purchase ‘Follow my team’ tickets will receive their mobile tickets only once their team has qualified for a specific match. The ability to deliver mobile tickets to fans close to matchday will considerably enhance the fan journey, as fans will no longer be required to visit ticket collection points to exchange ticket vouchers. ”

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