My TestNet experience

  • Hello, Vite community! I want to share my TestNet experience. I dont spent my money for buying Vite for Voting Reward Programm. I spent my time for understanding of Vite. I mixed profitable and usefull actions in translation of Vite Whitepaper in my native language. I migrated all received tokens in first days of TestNet. I think TestNet Incentivization Programm is very wise step of Vite developers. The bear market may be very long. If you migrated your Vite tokens in TestNet there is no way back. No speculations and no nervous sell off. Token migration is risky. Who made this step he believes in project.
    I have first experience in my life when I can observe genesis of new project such as Vite. It is very cool when you can interact with TestNet and get a profit.
    Vite Team demonstrates hellish activity on Github. So TestNet evolves very quick. I remember that they planned to release TestNet in Q4 2019 according to old conservative roadmap. But TestNet was already live in Q4 2018. I created a Vite full node on my computer for participation in Full Node Reward Programm. When I had some troubles with previous version of GVite for full node, Vite developers were very quick in creation new stable version 1.2.1 of GVite.
    In my opinion the main difficulties in realisation of Vite construction feature (Asynchronous architecture, Scalability, Smart contract feature of Solidity++, Cross-chain Gateway, DEX) will be in the future. But I believe that developers of Vite can solve these problems. And I am very interested to test and find some bugs of Vite products - Android Wallet, Desktop Wallet, Web Wallet, etc.
    Give us a chance to help you to create something cool!

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