Work From Home: Coronavirus Asking Coinbase Employees Isolate From The Office

  • Work From Home: Coronavirus Asking Coinbase Employees Isolate From The Office


    With the coronavirus continuously spreading throughout the world, worries of the virus are heightening at an alarming rate. Many companies have had to take measures to keep their employees safe from what could become a pandemic. One cryptocurrency platform has taken steps to make sure that its employees are prepared for the next stage.

    The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong published a tweet earlier this week which suggested that the crypto company will be directing certain employees to work from home.

    It didn’t take long for the founder of Messari, Ryan Selkis to post a similar message saying that the company would be “going remote first and will be scrapping most planned business travel for the next couple of months.”

    The Coinbase CEO shared an update on the version for the platforms plan to deal with the coronavirus. He highlighted that the impact of the virus has had a significant impact on the company since the outbreak started to spread in January.

    He said the following:
    “We are starting to see the first documented instances of community transmission in the areas of our Portland and SF offices. We’ve seen a handful of cases in Chicago and just saw the first case in New York. We continue to see community transmission in Japan.”

    Amongst the many measures that the company has been making to keep the coronavirus away from itself, personal travel was minimised. This was adamant when it came to flying to different countries. In fact, the company is restricting any travel (even business-wise) to Hong Kong, Italy, South Korea and more.

    “Working from home is not a complete solution, but it may help slow the growth of infections.”

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