Mimblewimble Testnet Launch Aimed For End Of Summer

  • Mimblewimble Testnet Launch Aimed For End Of Summer


    The Litecoin foundation has been working tirelessly to improve the privacy of transactions for its user base. However, in order to do this, the foundation has had to introduce an extended block and the Mimblewimble upgrade. Because of this, the founder and CEO of Litecoin, Charlie Lee has had to bring on a developer from Grin, David Burkett.

    The Grin developer is well experienced in the field. He has taken lead on these kinds of upgrades for Litecoin and has finally given a deadline to the community for the testnet to see launch. According to his latest progress update, he noted that the Mimblewimble testnet will see launch by the end of the summer.

    The update read the following at the end:
    “This will NOT include a usable GUI wallet for casual users to test it out. Transactions will likely need to be created manually at first, or via a cli or automated tool.”

    It was previously noted by the CEO that fungibility is one of the biggest properties of money. He said that this is an aspect that has been missing from Litecoin. But with the new Mimblewimble protocol, the project might be able to see fungibility after all.

    In an update posted in January, Burkett shared means to support non-interactive transactions on Mimblewimble. Going off the latest update though, there have been several changes in the design iteration with numerous problems found with the first draft fixed and now turned into an improvement protocol on Litecoin.

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