SwissVite Bond (SVB) token release - Get fixed daily rewards by holding SVB tokens.

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    SwissVite Bond Release

    Participate in the VITE mining operation, and get a fixed 0.02% daily interest by holding our new token product: SwissVite Bond token (SVB).

    Fixed income: By holding SVB tokens on your wallet, you are eligible for 0.02% daily interest, paid in VITE coin.

    Instant swap: Each SVB token is backed with VITE coin. 1 SVB = 1 VITE. Swap instantly VITE for SVB and SVB for VITE with our swap application.

    Passive income: No need to vote, stake or manage your loans. You will receive your daily interest simply by holding SVB on a Vite address.

    More info:

    Vite banniere.png

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