Encryption of Keystore file

  • So logging into the web wallet uses a keystore file. You unlock it with a password--but I've added an extra level of security, personally. I encrypt the keystore file itself again, and only unlock it when I'm going to use the web wallet. Even though there's already a password attached to the file, I like the double encryption for personal safety. I know this doesn't prevent anything if my network is insecure, but just in case there's a trojan on my device, I'd like to think it improves the security (though as soon as I unlock it, it probably makes it just as vulnerable). My question is if this change anything? Does anyone know if I'm actually improving the security of my keystore?

  • @KenNinja your pw and usernam is not saved anywhere but your browser. I think it is totally safe as noone csn login your wsllet in any other devices

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