Craig Wright Accused By Judge For Providing Forged Documents To Court

  • Craig Wright Accused By Judge For Providing Forged Documents To Court

    Once again, Craig Wright has been slated, this time for producing forged documents and giving a perjured testimony on the ongoing legal situation between him and the estate of his former partner David Kleiman.

    Judge Reinhart, questioned the legitimacy of Wright in highlighting that in the past he had openly lied to the court as he previously has said:

    “Particularly given my prior finding that Dr. Wright has produced forged documents in this litigation, I decline to rely on this kind of document, which could easily have been generated by anyone with word processing software and a pen [...] I give no weight to sworn statements of Dr. Wright that advance his interests but that have not been challenged by cross-examination and for which I cannot make a credibility determination. I have previously found that Dr. Wright gave perjured testimony in my presence.”

    In March last year, the judge overseeing the case ordered the bitcoin scientist to produce a list of his holdings in the leading cryptocurrency. In response to this, he claimed that he could not do this as it was held by a blind trust that he was unable to access. He estimated that it would take until January this year for the list to be delivered by a bonded courier.

    The judge then gave Wright until the 3rd of February this year to file a notice with the court “indicating whether or not this mysterious figure has appeared from the shadows and whether the Defendant now has access to the last key slice needed to unlock the encrypted file.”

    Documents were produced by Wright on the 6th of January this year which evidenced a previously unidentified tulip trust. Several positions were requested by plaintiffs and the judge as to how Wright was able to obtain documentation for the tulip trust. In response to this, Wright objected to numerous sets of written questions based on attorney-client privilege and spousal privilege.

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