Short and sweet VITE test net experience

  • I migrated my VITE (ERC-20 tokens) by using the self explanatory guide published by the Team. It looked tough in the beginning but as each step was completed, it was easy to successfully migrate to VITE test tokens. But for people who are migrating now, the migration is in-built in the VITE web wallet itself making the job as easy as 1,2,..3.

    Making my first web wallet was a pretty straight forward experience. Be sure to keep the back up of your seed phrase so as to recover your account incase you loose your credentials. The best part of the VITE testnet is to get first hand experience on using the VITE architecture. Scalability is achieved using DAG Ledger for horizontal scalibility. High Throughput is achieved using Asynchronous architecture of VITE. Hence, the near instant send and receive transactions of VITE tokens can be experienced. Android APP for VITE is also released now and can be downloaded from Google Play store. The APP so far has been flawless in user experience, though the community identified minor bugs and gave constructive feedback to introduce more features.

    The best part is, We can also Vote for SBP nodes and get rewards in the form VITE tokens on a daily basis !

    With VITE supporting Solidity ++ programming language, it would be very interesting to see large number of developers deploying DAPPS to get full potential of VITE architecture and with the support of smart contracts as well.

    I would like to wish the VITE TEAM all the best for its future endeavors. Cheers ! to the team who always defeat the project timelines and deadlines by a huge margin !

  • You mentioned smart contracts. I think these will become publicly available for testing this week as well.

  • @Vitamin-C yes, That is mentioned for future events and adoption.

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