Ponzi Scheme: US Government Fight Lawyer Over OneCoin Scam

  • Ponzi Scheme: US Government Fight Lawyer Over OneCoin Scam

    The government of the United States has stood by its evidence that was presented against the alleged OneCoin money launderer and former attorney, Mark Scott.

    A memorandum was filed earlier this week on the 24th of March which showed that the government had responded to Scott’s appeal that the prosecution provided insufficient evidence that the funds he dealt with were derived from the legal and fraudulent activities throughout the November proceedings. As a quick recap for those that don’t know, the jury handed the defendant a guilty verdict throughout this hearing.

    Scott was found to have personally profited around $50 million for laundering $400 million in profits from the scam coin. Back in February, Scott filed a motion to dismiss his case with the court.

    The government found though that it “was entirely reasonable for the jury to conclude that the defendant knew that he was dealing with the proceeds of an unlawful activity.”

    Furthermore, the memo further says:
    “Legitimate investment funds whose transactions involve proceeds from lawful activities do not forge documents and create false records on a routine basis.”

    The evidence from the prosecution included a testimony from 17 witnesses. This includes victims from the scam coin itself, as well as employees from United States banks that allegedly were deceived by Scott. Even a government agent going by the name of Konstantin Ignatov was a witness in a trial.

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