An Audit On ETH 2.0 Indicates Numerous Risks To Block Proposers

  • An Audit On ETH 2.0 Indicates Numerous Risks To Block Proposers

    Least Authority, a technology security company has just published an audit of the specifications for ETH 2.0. This is the highly anticipated upgrade/overhaul for the ETH protocol this year.

    During its January request of the Ethereum Foundation, the company audited ETH 2.0. As they were alongside the foundation, the company compiled the final version of the report on the 6th of March earlier this month.

    Least authority reviewed the Key specs for ETH 2.0 for the zero phase.

    Whereas the report highlights that there were specific aspects of the new overall design to review, the overall system may not behave as it was intended to.

    The report found that the specs for 2.0 are very well thought out and are significantly comprehensive. They further note that the security aspect was a very strong thing to consider whilst being designed. Least Authority has highlighted though that concerns in regards to the peer-to-peer layer and risks are to be looked into.

    It was also asserted by the research that the specifications for the network made it fairly easy for the block validate to establish the IP address of other validators.

    With all the documentation indicating that block proposers are public knowledge, the company has expressed concern that an attacker could seek to strategically execute denial of service attacks on the network.

    Furthermore, the report also made caution that an attacker could be in possession of a large volume of nodes which would help them target and attack on many of these block proposers.

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