Is 2020 The Year For Blockchain In Healthcare?

  • Is 2020 The Year For Blockchain In Healthcare?

    Blockchain technology wasn’t just created for cryptocurrencies and crypto mining, although many of you might think so.

    Blockchain tech promises to be so much more than just the backbone of crypto. We already know that it has the capacity to change the financial world. On top of this, we have seen many examples of how blockchain can alter the world of transport and logistics as we know them.

    Furthermore, the technology is already making an impact on the education sector and is even making waves on a regulation level, it’s safe to say blockchains potential is massive.

    But there’s one sector we haven’t mentioned yet, healthcare.

    Following on from an earlier article we published, let’s look into the healthcare space and blockchain. Click here for a recap.

    Throughout the next year, we expect to see more hospitals and health centres establish links with many medically focused startups that are now starting to enter the industry. We must also look towards VeChain, who announced a partnership with the Chinese Government in 2018 that has been established to explore the production of blockchain to help assist with the supply and record-keeping of the vaccination programme in the nation. This will benefit people in China, as though the use of VeChain technology, patients will have access to better, more consistent and safer vaccinations, something that in the past has proved tricky to achieve.

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