Are XRP And XLM Competitors?

  • Are XRP And XLM Competitors?

    Ripple XRP and Stellar XLM. These two have been working very hard through the past few years in order to boost their reputation as the holders for the solution of the problems the pair of cryptocurrencies have had to face in regards to cross border payment solutions.

    Both of these projects are great in their own right. The two both hold different advantages and ideas when it comes to addressing this issue and more.

    XRP & XLM

    Neither crypto is better than the other though (depending on your community). We see that both Ripple and Stellar are looking into different ideas and demographics within the cross border payment area. Both projects can live on like a cross border payment solution as a result of this. Furthermore, it gives customers differences and the option to choose the project they want to use when making payments in different countries.

    Companies such as Western Union and Santander have given the thumbs up to blockchain technology, namely Ripple technology. But all these firms still continue to refuse to adopt the projects native cryptocurrencies, for fear of regulatory backlash.

    So whereas there is an answer for cross border payment issues within blockchain tech, is there anything good about extending such technology into the tokens themselves?

    I for one am hoping to see the likes of XRP and XLM integrated within mainstream cross border payment services in the foreseeable. These services are sure to use blockchain technology as they expand, though the introduction of an actual cryptocurrency yet is uncertain. What we can however assume is that when it comes down to the crunch, it’ll either be XRP or XLM that these services need to choose from, that can only be a good thing.

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