Protecting Your Crypto Wallets From Phishing Scams

  • Protecting Your Crypto Wallets From Phishing Scams

    The internet has been around for a while now so most people know that it can be this great service to help you find out the information you need. Whether it be for work or school, without the internet you wouldn’t otherwise have known how to pass your exams or help you fix a problem.

    You also probably know by now that there is a great deal of malicious activity on the internet, people are trying to scam you all the time, whether it’s in emails or web virus’s they are just a click away.

    That being said if you’re clever you should be alright.

    Go Phish

    Phishing emails are just one kind of scam which targets you and in crypto’s case, your coins. The scam relies on the gullible which is a widespread kind of an attack to extract sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords, and any other kinds of personal data, you don’t want the world, let alone a stranger, to know.

    Tips and Tricks

    There is often a lot of tricks on the internet which your browser will be susceptible to and you can be misled to give out confidential data about yourself. There are a couple of devices out there which are immune to this kind of malicious behaviour. The Trezor device being one of them. This device stays offline and isolates these kinds of scam attempts to hook you in.

    There are many phishing techniques which can phish you in to collect information, hence the name. In a similar light to the impersonation techniques, these are designed to rob you of your private keys. When it comes to your digital assets, you can never be too careful. Some of the different attack techniques include Unicode and cybersquatting.

    So remember to keep your data and crypto safe, as well as your devices. Don’t let the hackers and scammers get the better of you!

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