Where 2020 Will Take Bitcoin And Its Applications

  • Where 2020 Will Take Bitcoin And Its Applications

    Some people are going to be curious about where 2020 (and this next decade) will take the crypto space and specifically, Bitcoin. This leaves others wondering about the power of blockchain and when it will have the throughput to be able to deal with multiple applications on such scales with developers arguing about the best use cases for cryptocurrency and what is the best its underlying technology.

    Many crypto enthusiasts will highlight open-sourcing code as a way to signal intent to be a team player and look on the future and what's best for the space.

    Just take the Bitcoin halving for example, this is an event that could make or break the crypto space. Bullish or not, the worry is still there.

    The atmosphere of working together is one that takes you back a minute, in a good way. It is an effective way of doing things and it can be really helpful to bounce ideas off people. Firm’s that raised money through ICOs were given enough capital to keep themselves in a good position financially for years to come.

    I can’t see there being only one big player in the crypto industry for the foreseeable future. Digital assets like XRP and Ethereum are well on their way up. I can see it being more likely that there will come a time when you have to pick a side which become more professional and clear. Businesses and enthusiasts need to face the music to go to the market, scale up and show off the real value of the technology behind bitcoin though before any of this could happen.

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