The Reason ETH 2.0 Keeps Getting Delayed

  • The Reason ETH 2.0 Keeps Getting Delayed


    The delayed launch of ETH 2.0 is making people wonder whether there is a risk that the new project could face the same fate as the bitcoin lightning network. The CEO of lightning labs, Elizabeth Stark announced the initial release of the baiter for developers in 2018 and yet in 2020, the lightning network for BTC is not fully operational.

    The first scheduled launch for ETH 2.0 was scheduled for January this year but was later rescheduled until the second quarter of 2020. Currently, the 30th of July is when the debut of this new protocol is set to launch but even then, the chance of delay is very much on the table given its history.

    Speaking in a recent podcast, one problem member of the ETH protocol, Ryan Sean Adams has said that he is confident that ETH 2.0 would launch very soon. He further said:

    “It’s taking time cause there have been some changes to consolidate the roadmap with proof of stake and sharding and reprioritize scalability. But I am more confident right now than I ever have been that ETH 2.0 is coming soon.”

    On top of this, recently taking part in a ask me anything session on Reddit, the co-founder of ETH, Vitalik Buterin revealed that the network could not launch until three clients can run testnets consistently for eight weeks at least.

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