[Ann] Vite Eco-Funds Beneficiary SBP vite.bi23

  • In order to motivate and incentivize participation of both existing and new capable teams and developers from our community to build together the Vite ecosystem, Vite Labs has released the first of the Ecosystem Incentive Plans series that is designed to support the operation of supernodes by voting to selected SBPs with Vite eco-funds, all voting proceeds will accrue to SBPs.

    On April 16, SBP vite.bi23 submitted the first DApp listing request since the release of the incentive plan, Vite Foundation will reward 200,000 votes to vite.bi23 SBP as incentives. Details are as follows:

    Coinwar (DApp Game) -- Predict trend of BTC price and win VITE

    Rewards are distributed every 2 minutes through a smart contract. Within each gaming cycle, make a bet during the first minute on any of the three following:

    1. Price higher or lower
    2. Price last digit odd or even number
    3. Price last digit number
      and wait for rewards to be distributed during the second minute. All game results are fair and transparent.

    Status: Released

    Smart Contract Address: vite_f28701574a794a5d9d8fad9c92de8c67b8f19b777a75d0cf64

    It is highly encouraged that all developers in the community to participate in developing the Vite ecosystem, recognized projects and parties will be rewarded accordingly.

    Learn more about Vite Ecosystem Incentive Plan:

    Download Vite App to play Coinwar: https://app.vite.net/

    Vite Foundation
    April 27, 2020

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