How Dash Is Dominating Nigeria

  • How Dash Is Dominating Nigeria

    The dominance that Bitcoin has on exchanges stands at just more than 50 percent and it’s the standard by which all other cryptocurrencies are measured.

    In Nigeria, there is a dedicated group that is slowly but surely going in a different direction.

    Dash Nigeria, is a driven, non-profit educational and promotional organisation that pushes for the adoption of Dash but not just in Nigeria. Its vision is to enhance the nations economic growth through the use of Dash. The organisation gets involved with rural communities, youth, women, media and other stakeholders to help explore the opportunities that digital currencies present.

    Dash Nigeria aren’t all that bothered about cryptocurrencies hitting an all-time high again and it isn’t about holding as much crypto as you can and just waiting for the next bull run.

    Instead, their project is about solving the challenges that the continent faces. In a recent chat with the organisation business development lead, Steve Kaaru of Crypto Briefing got to learn about the extreme efforts the group has been putting into seeing Dash get a wider user base in Africa.

    Why not Bitcoin?

    Technically, Bitcoin is the most logical cryptocurrency to use in Nigeria considering that it is the most popular of all digital assets. According to Nathaniel Luz of the Dash project, the exhaustive list of advantages that Dash has over Bitcoin made it an even more logical choice.

    To start with, the Dash Transactions only take a few seconds to go through compared to Bitcoin which has an average of ten minutes. Therefore, it makes more sense to push for the retail adoption of Dash, especially for day-to-day transactions.

    Furthermore, they only cost a few cents. Kaaru said:

    “The organization’s efforts have been quite fruitful, Luz told me. The number of businesses accepting Dash in Nigeria has been steadily increasing, even during the bear market. One can enjoy a delicious serving of jollof rice at Tarzan Delicacies; shop for the latest fashion at Dorlees Fashion Empire; or grab electronic accessories at Ritech Digital.”

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