[ANN] Coming Up! Vite Wallet Major Upgrade

  • To provide ViteX users a better trading experience, Vite iOS Wallet is having a major upgrade on May 9th that will mark its advancement to a one-stop decentralized crypto asset management tool with both wallet and exchange functions. Android upgrade will happen on May 13.

    Key features of the upgrade focus manly on the built-in exchange ViteX. Mobile ViteX has been rewritten in native code on both iOS and Android to provide a smoother user experience. A set of new features will be introduced in the new version, including candlestick chart, last trades, token details, operator details, etc. In addition, users can check if a market-making order is within VX mining range.


    • Native Built-in DEX
      ViteX now has been implemented in native page where users can look through different trading pairs. The top bar also provides easy access to Mining and Dividends page.

    • Candlestick Chart
      The new version has added the display of candlestick charts, which makes a good source for visual presentation of market real-time changes. Users can click on the upper right corner of the exchange page to view the graph. For more convenience, the chart is available in different time frames, including per 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, and 1 week.

    • VITE Instant Purchase
      VITE Instant Purchase has been moved to the wallet, under asset VITE. Users can now purchase and vote instantly for SBPs.

    Download Vite Wallet: https://app.vite.net/

    Please contact us at any time if you encounter an issue while using our App.

    Official: https://www.vite.org/
    ViteX: https://x.vite.net
    Telegram: https://t.me/vite_en

    Vite Labs
    May 9, 2020

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