In 2013, Hoskinson Didn’t Believe BTC Could Hit $10,000

  • In 2013, Hoskinson Didn’t Believe BTC Could Hit $10,000

    Taking part in one of the latest episodes of Crypto Titans, Charles Hoskinson the CEO of IOHK spoke on the industry of crypto and even highlighted that he didn’t think that the leading cryptocurrency of BTC could ever hit $10,000 years before it hit the $20,000 all-time high.

    Last week, the king coin once more topped the $10,000 mark but it didn’t take long for BTC to sink below five figures.

    The creator of Cardano spoke on numerous issues on cryptocurrency and even mentioned a class he taught back in 2013. He added that he regretted not updating the class which was something he continuously delayed but added that it was a long time ago. During the class, Hoskinson said that bitcoin would never reach $10,000, something today we know is very much reality.

    “Yah, I was like, ‘$10,000 Bitcoin is hypothetical. It’s never going to happen, but here’s what it would look like.’ I mean, that was even before ASICs existed for mining. It gives you a sense of how long ago that was.”

    In 2013, you could forgive someone for believing that bitcoin would never hit such a high of $10,000. Even though its current all-time high is $10,000 more than that. Some people may say that BTC reaching $50,000 is impossible but in 10 years time, our future selves may be laughing at us…

    Tomorrow, bitcoin will experience its third having event. This got the community riled up and very excited for what this event may bring to the table for the leading crypto coin. Many people are predicting that BTC will spike in price but only time will tell.

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