Vote for Vite Official Website 3.0! What's your pick?

  • Dear Vite Supporters,

    Vite has been prioritizing the development of blockchain technology since Vite was established. In the past two years, we have built together with our community, from scratch, an ecosystem of products that work well together. Since Mainnet has launched, Vite is moving steadily towards the next milestone.

    To make a better display of what we have achieved so far, Vite official website is ready for a new design! Let us know your opinion by voting for your favorite design among the following options:

    Design 1


    Designer Notes
    This design uses classic Vite blue as theme color. White and light blue gently separate out different sections, making it easier for visitors to locate important contents.

    Design 2


    Designer Notes
    Design 2 uses the color of 2020, classic blue, as theme color. Alternation of dark and light adds additional contrast to the webpage.

    Design 3


    Designer Notes
    This design has a more conventional approach through the use of black, grey, and white. Black and white create the strongest contrast so that Vite can better stand out.

    Design 4


    Designer Notes
    A Dark theme, complemented by Vite blue. Breaks sections by adjusting the intensity of the dark colours, while visually adding more depth to the webpage.

    Design 5


    Designer Notes
    Another design using the 2020 classic blue color. Contrast between two types of blue.

    Design 6


    Designer Notes
    Similar to Design 5 but more subtle. Using a softer blue instead of Vite blue.

    Click here to cast your vote.
    Please vote by May 17, 2020.
    Results will be announced 3 days after voting is closed and we will design the website accordingly.

    We are excited to see your opinions or new ideas!

    Vite Labs
    May 13, 2020

  • Please get rid of the cheesy stock image graphics, I know alot of people associate them with scam projects, please use orginal graphics.

    And as for colors go just use all the color schemes and then A/B test them for which one has the most user engagement.

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