Vite Bi-weekly Report May 1–15, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report May 1–15, 2020


    Recent Milestones

    Strategic partnerships
    On May 7, Vite Labs announced a strategic partnership with KardiaChain. Both parties will jointly explore payment solutions and develop infrastructure for blockchain interoperability. KardiaChain is in partnership with a top telecom company in Vietnam with 60 million users, and it aims to establish Vietnam’s first mobile payment gateway. Vite’s collaboration with KardiaChain will provide more opportunity to expand Vite’s crypto payment network in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
    ViteX Exchange
    On April 30, ViteX released DEX API. Users can apply for API Keys on the ViteX website. The launch of the API will further expand the ViteX trading ecosystem, help attract quant traders, and improve liquidity for the exchange.
    On May 8, KardiaChain coin(KAI) was listed on ViteX via Vite Labs gateway. On May 9, KAI / ETH trading pair was opened, enabling market-making as mining.
    Users with more than 10 VX in the Vite app received an airdrop of 1,250,000 KAI. This is the first time we rewarded VX users with airdrops, and we received positive feedback. In the future, we plan to run similar campaigns, iterate on best practices for airdrop rules, and coordinate with projects to increase airdrop amounts. We hope these measures will continue to raise VX’s intrinsic value.
    Technology Series
    On May 6, we published the technical article “The Design and Implementation of ViteX Contracts”, which briefly explained the smart contracts used within ViteX.

    Community AMA
    On May 9th, KardiaChain ran an AMA in Vite telegram group and rewarded 150,000 KAI to the community.
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    Vite Official Website
    We ran a community vote on the new design of The result will be published soon. Thanks all for participating!
    Vite Mainnet
    On May 27, Vite network will have the fourth hard fork named MARS. The main purpose of this hard fork is to upgrade the built-in contract of ViteX. Details:

    Data on ViteX
    As of May 15, 16,740,658 VITE have been burned, accounting for 1.67% of total issuance.
    137,756,367 VITE are staked on ViteX exchange, accounting for 13.78% of total issuance.
    6,377,320 VX has been released, of which 5,957,905 VX is being staked for dividends.
    To-date, 49.5 BTC worth of dividends has been distributed. The pool of undistributed dividends stands at 30.3 BTC.

    System Developments

    Vite Wallet
    Vite Wallet 3.6.0 (iOS and Android) has been formally released. This version re-writes the built-in ViteX exchange in native code so as to significantly optimize the trading experience. In addition, Vite Connect, which is relied upon when generating ViteX API Key, was also upgraded. Users can self-generate API Key on the ViteX website by scanning the QR code in Vite Wallet.


    After the 3.6.0 version was released, we received many valuable feedback from the community. The feedback has been well collected, and will be prioritized and incorporated in subsequent versions.
    On May 11, we released Vite Wallet 3.6.1 (iOS), solving the problem that some ERC20 token transfers may fail due to gas limit, as well as under certain circumstances the built-in ViteX page may be stuck.
    On May 14, we submitted Vite Wallet 3.6.1 (Android) to Google Play for review. This version fixes the occasional app stuck problem when switching addresses, and the problem that exchange-related message may wrongly appear on non-exchange pages.
    We also started the development of V3.7.0. In this version, we will continue to add new features to the exchange and reduce the size of the app package for faster download.
    Starting from V3.6.0, we changed the app name from Vite Wallet to Vite, meaning that the positioning of Vite wallet has changed from a single-purpose wallet to a full-stack wallet + exchange decentralized crypto asset management tool.
    ViteX Exchange
    ViteX API has been formally released. In the past two weeks, we have made additional optimizations, such as checking the minimum order amount and available balance to avoid invalid transactions and standardizing error code and message returns.
    We are in the process of integrating ViteX API with CCXT. CCXT ( is an open-source cryptocurrency exchange API adapter library that currently supports 120 exchanges. Through CCXT, users can ignore the differences in API interfaces of different exchanges and simplify the development of trading bots. At present, there are many quantitative trading programs that use the CCXT library to access different exchanges. After our integration, these existing programs will be directly accessible on ViteX.

    In addition, the upgrade of ViteX built-in contract is finished. A new hard fork has been scheduled on May 27, which includes optimizing order cancellation logic, unifying the logic of order flows by raw signatures and delegated orders, and merging order placements and cancellations from the same address into one queue to ensure the deterministic matching result.
    Website Upgrade
    We have completed the product design and visual design of the new The new version of Vite official website focuses on key information for facilitating new visitors to understand the full picture of Vite.
    In the visual design, we have selected 6 different design schemes. It’s completely up to our users to choose the final plan through community voting.
    Vite COO Richard released a new episode on The Blockchain Debate Podcast. The guests included Uri Klarman, the CEO of Bloxroute, a Chicago-based layer-0 blockchain company; and Mrinal Manohar, the CEO of CasperLabs, a New York-based public blockchain firm. The debate topic was a technical discussion around public chain scalability. The focus of the discussion was on how to achieve scalability via accelerating block transmission at the network’s transport layer.

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