Vite Community Star Global Election!

  • Dear Vite Supporters,

    It has been two years since Vite was launched. Being built from scratch, Vite has grown to have a full working ecosystem of products, and we could not have achieved what we have today without the support from our community members.

    Vite official website will soon have an upgrade to make a better public display of the project. With this opportunity, we would like to improve the community section to honor the great community we have. Vite welcomes applications for Community Stars from any individuals with remarkable contributions to the project and greatly appreciate all your effort on developing together the Vite community.


    • Must be a Vite community member

    • With notable contribution to the development of Vite project, including but not limited to aspects such as technology development, publicity promotion, content creation, community building, event planning, etc.

    Selection Processes

    • Collect candidates

    • Team review and vote internally

    • Announce the results

    • Vite will issue an official “Community Star” certificate to selected individuals and list the stars on our webpage!

    How to Apply

    • Fill in this form and submit your answers by May 27

    • Results will be announced by May 31

    • Describe your contributions and how it has helped Vite and in what aspects
      You could either nominate yourself or advocate for someone who you think has helped Vite greatly

    We look forward to seeing our Community Stars!

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    Vite Labs
    May 19, 2020

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