Blockchain & Its Role In Crimes Against Humanity

  • Blockchain & Its Role In Crimes Against Humanity

    Problems such as human trafficking and slavery may seem like an ancient human rights crime too many of us. In developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, slavery is well abolished and human trafficking is extremely low - especially compared to decades ago. However, it seems these criminal industries are going to continue to occur in many regions across the world over the years.

    These issues might seem distant to most consumers in developed regions but it’s a huge issue for millions of people all across the globe. Retail products can be traced back through supply chains and link customers to some of the 45 million people in over 165 countries that are reportedly trapped in slavery in the modern world. Let me remind you it’s currently 2020...

    So Why Are We Telling You This?
    Well, the chief information security officer at the anti-human trafficking intelligence initiative, Larry Cameron has spoken on the concerns regarding the emerging use of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Specifically, how the two are being used to further such agendas like slavery and human trafficking.

    He went onto say:
    “Bitcoin is utilised for ransomware payments, dark web, drugs, weapons and even human trafficking.” Cameron added cryptocurrency is “heavily used by organized crime, hackers and scammers in order to launder funds.”

    We have seen the Diginex platform launch their own IRIS-SAFER in order to protect migrant workers in China (mainly in Hong Kong) with plans to expand to more regions across the country, as well as the world. The head of government at Diginex, Mark Blick has shared two major projects that the platform uses to protect its workers including the aforementioned IRIS-SAFER as well as Emin.

    Despite IRIS-SAFER focusing primarily on working with the United Nations regulations, one of the products and projects that is said to help many workers that set to help many workers across the world is Emin. This is a cooperative effort between the platform and Mekong Club, an organisation focused on fighting slavery in the modern world.

    Criminal actions such as human trafficking and slavery are just two things that need to be abolished. Whereas they were a common thing over 100 years ago, given the world we live in now and the society we have created, these two agendas should no longer exist and should be only saved for the history books.

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