Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 53 Agenda

  • Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 53 Agenda

    1.Constantinople postponement

    • difficulty bomb update
      how to mitigate the SSTORE net gas metering security issue
      how and when to redo the hard fork
      post-mortem: how did this happen? how do we prevent it from happening again?

    a) Constantinople - what next?
    b) ProgPoW Hardfork Decision
    c) Istanbul Hardfork Roadmap
    d) Outlook: PoS finality gadget on PoW chain (Serenity)

    3.Testing Updates (time allowing)

    4.Client Updates (time allowing)
    a) Geth
    b) Parity Ethereum
    c) Aleth/eth
    d) Trinity/PyEVM
    e) EthereumJS
    f) EthereumJ/Harmony
    g) Pantheon
    h) Turbo Geth
    i) Nimbus
    j) Mana/Exthereum

    5.Research Updates (time allowing)

    6.Working Group Updates (time allowing)
    a) State Rent
    b) EWasm
    c) Pruning/Sync
    d) Simulation

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    • ๅˆ—่กจ

  • Looking forward to the Vite Core Devs Meeting ๐Ÿ˜

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