I want to invest between these public chains, so which one should I choose? I want to make profit like buying back BTC in 2014!!!

  • NEO
    NEO runs its own blockchain, which improves on Ethereum’s algorithm, making it more efficient and secure. It aims at supporting a smart economy using digital identity technology to allow for the digitization of assets and, like Ethereum, supports smart contracts, which allow for the management of those same assets. NEO recently started to gain more attention from investors. Its price more than doubled since the beginning of December. In January, the team will further distribute the network, guaranteeing no single group of node operators can control the network. It will also have a number of ICOs launching on its platform in the months to come, which will further strengthen the network’s position.

    EOS (runs its own blockchain architecture, designed to enable “vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications”. This means that EOS’s system is designed to scale, is capable of supporting accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and any type of application on top of its blockchain, processing millions of transactions per second at nearly zero cost. EOS is running the most unique ICO of 2017. It will will run for 341 days, until June 2018, allowing plenty of time for scrutiny and for investors to become acquainted with the project. Just in December 2017, EOS’s price has already tripled. The fact that the project has high transaction speeds, no fees and no need for forks to perform upgrades, make it a highly interesting coin to follow.

    Vite runs its own blockchain which improve Ethereum’s smart contract language. Vite is a general-purpose platform for decentralized applications. It is designed to support industrial-strength applications by offering high throughput, low latency and scalability while also providing security.
    Vite has taken Solidity's problems into account and has adopted countermeasures when designing smart contracts. These operational improvements are seen within our Solidity++ language. One of those improvements, for example, would be the incorporation of a series of standard libraries. This serves a dual purpose of increasing security protection while simplifying programming complexity. Because Solidity++ inter-contract calls rely on asynchronous architecture, the attacks facilitated by contract synchronous calls are inherently prevented. The classic Ethereum example of a "reentrancy attack" scenario is not applicable in Vite's case. Vite will implement contractual formal verification technology to tackle smart contract development and we are considering offering a smart contract solution based on WASM.

    Fantom, described as “beyond blockchain”, is a revolutionary new Korean smart contract platform. The team’s vision is to solve the scalability issues related to public distributed ledgers by providing low cost instantaneous transactions on a global scale using Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. Through this technology, FANTOM will facilitate large-scale transactions in finance, telecommunications, logistics and other industries.

    I want to invest between these public chains, so which one should I choose? I want to make profit like buying back BTC in 2014!!!

  • The decision is yours to be made but what can i and the rest from this community offer to you is some insights from our perspective:
    in my opinion neo had it's time to shine but the continuously slow development of their network made projects want to leave their ecosystem. As an example of that is a project called NKN which migrated their NEP-5 tokens into ERC-20 until they'll release their mainnet. NEO at the current time is extremelly slow and avoided by projects.
    speaking from ROI perspective, it will not gonna do a very spectacular jump in price. It is currently situated at 5th place on CMC and it will not make you feel like buying BTC in 2014. It still could do a decent ROI but it's up to you for that decision.
    as for other things that made me stay away from this project are mostly written in this article:
    we all know vite and what's capable of (i think you also know because otherwise you wouldn't be posting this in the vite forum 🙂 )
    ROI perspective is pretty huge if this project will succeed and provide what they're trying to achieve
    similar with VITE. These two projects are trying to achieve the same thing but we'll see who will be on top, it might be fantom, it might be vite, it might be none of them.

    The rest depends to you on which you like to support 😉

  • EOS is a top 10 coin. NEO is top 20. Expecting those kinds of returns from these two is a little out there.

    VITE and FANTOM are similar in the sense that they are going for the same thing but I believe VITE is doing it the right way. Focusing on the Product more than the hype. The upside to investing in VITE is huge while the risk is as minimal as it can be in crypto (at current prices).

    But in the end, the decision is yours. 🙂

  • @super how do you evaluate FTM and VITE? They are both DAG with Smart Contract? I saw Fantom TPS but do not see in Vite...

  • @fonzie do yoi think focusing on Hype is also a way to make the retail holders of Vite increase? *open to discussion 😧

  • @felicity yes, they are both DAG and Smart Contracts but they are different from consensus perspective. VITE uses HDPoS while FTM uses Lachesis Protocol.
    VITE has a system based on DPoS where holders of VITE token will use their tokens to vote for a node and the top 25 nodes will become block producers. Fantom will use a system based on PoS but i don't believe that it will be a classic one where you'll just have to hold tokens in your FTM wallet. More information about them will be released soon (i believe).
    For me, the decision about which project to support (VITE or FANTOM) was made by the red flags (my red flags). I didn't appreciated the leaked informations that came from FTM team (from exchange listings to partnerships). When comes to a project, i value more this aspect than the hype around it. Yes, fantom has a lot of fans but that doesn't mean that VITE is weaker than FTM. In the end it's not about just TPS, it's more about the usability of that ecosystem and the amount of users that it has. It's useless to make something that has 1M TPS if there aren't enough users to use that transaction speed. We still see BTC,ETH where their TPS is low but solutions are coming as the networks grow, same could happen for every project.

  • @felicity said in I want to invest between these public chains, so which one should I choose? I want to make profit like buying back BTC in 2014!!!:

    @fonzie do yoi think focusing on Hype is also a way to make the retail holders of Vite increase? *open to discussion 😧

    That works in a Bull run whern almost every project gets hyped up endlessly. We're in a bear market and the only projects that will survive this are those that work on their product and deliver. Hype does not work in a bear.

    Let the product speak for itself now, the hype will come later.

  • vite gochain

  • @super I so agree with you!

  • @super I got your point. Appreciate your ideas

  • @super I am looking for Vite development. Just read smart contract is live 🥳 Actually I learnt Ftm less than Vite but the interface is that Ftm now is having bit more traffic than Vite. Likely Vite are mostly holders. Anyway Looking forward to Vite DEX as well!!

  • @fonzie Vite is so brave when conduct their listing in August! It was the start of bearish 🤪

  • @fonzie but I must say VITE price is somehow stable, do u agree?

  • @felicity well one of the main reasons why FTM has more traffic than VITE is mostly because they had a public sale while vite had private sale only. When a project is doing a public sale, people will join and interact with each other about price movements, technology, memes, etc. When you do a private sale there is no interaction in that community because most private sale investors aren't that interested to exchange words and opinions in chat.

  • @super agree! despite not having Crowdsale, Vite is having community program! I think it is a good way to enhance Vite retailer holders

  • @felicity you should be glad you didn't participate in the crowdsale,the price is too low now

  • @孙权 🤭🤭 do you hold Vite or get some from exchanges?

  • @felicity yes,millions of vite

  • @felicity holder

  • @felicity said in I want to invest between these public chains, so which one should I choose? I want to make profit like buying back BTC in 2014!!!:

    @fonzie but I must say VITE price is somehow stable, do u agree?

    Like every other crypto, it has gone down from its highest of around $0.12 or something like that. The price pretty much follows rest of the market from what I can see..

    The only recent pump was on the bittrex listing.

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