Vite Bi-weekly Report June 15–30, 2020

  • Vite Bi-weekly Report June 15–30, 2020


    Development Achievements

    Vite App
    The development of Vite App v3.7.2 has completed. It is being tested at the moment, and will be formally released soon.

    New features and bug fixes:

    • Dividend Notification. A notification message will be sent to app when the daily dividend is distributed.
    • Mining logo when switching trading pairs. In the previous version, mining logo was not displayed when switching trading pairs on the trading page. The new version fixes the issue.
    • Localization optimizations for various languages, making the app more friendly to users of different countries.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    ViteX Exchange
    New features and enhancements:

    • Candlestick charts for 2h and 4h, which will be available in Vite App v3.7.2.
    • New API endpoint for visiting real-time trade mining statistics. The new API will return the current VX release data and cumulative trading fees in each market, in order to facilitate mining cost estimation.
    • ViteX gateway technical upgrade with enhanced security and robustness.

    Desktop Wallet
    As an important part of the Vite ecosystem and wallet product family, Vite desktop wallet has been officially launched.

    Basically, the desktop wallet is similar to Vite web wallet, including the functions of wallet and ViteX exchange.

    New features:

    • Stricter security rules in protection of private keys, effectively avoiding potential attacks.
    • New account creation. On Vite desktop wallet, user can login through scanning QR code (via ViteConnect), restoring existing account from mnemonic phrase or local backup file, or creating a new account.
    • Wallet backup. Backup your wallet accounts in a JSON file and restore anywhere!

    In general, Vite desktop wallet is more secure and easy-to-use. It is highly recommended to install if you need to access your Vite wallet account on your computer.

    Download desktop wallet:

    Recent Milestones

    Binance Block101 Live Video AMA
    On June 19, in a live AMA program hosted by Binance Block 101, Vite CEO Charles Liu shared with audience the new stories of public chain and DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

    CEO Letter to the Community
    On June 24, Vite CEO Charles Liu sent out a letter to the community, along with a survey calling for community ideas on new things to build at Vite. Everyone is encouraged to contribute thoughts and interests.

    Read here:

    Technology Series
    On June 18, we published the fifth article of the Tech series which answers to questions related to ViteX’s Built-in Contract

    Read here:

    3 Million BAN Airdrop Event
    A third round of BAN airdrop has been started on June 28, with a total of 3 million BAN. Users can claim 19 BAN every day by visiting the Vite App. An additional 23 BAN can be claimed each day upon completing several simple tasks.

    Download the App:

    Vite Insights Series
    On June 30, Vite COO Richard Yan published an article of the Vite Insights Series, in which he shared experience on leading a decentralized global team and behind-the-scenes stories of managing the Vite team.

    Read here:

    ViteX Exchange
    On June 16, ViteX enabled market-making as mining for trading pair CGLD/USDT. CGLD is an asset listed and supported by Operator Bi23. ViteX values its Operators and sees market-making as mining an important initiative in boosting liquidity.


    On June 18, the Dune project held an AMA with the ViteX community and rewarded 7,000 DUN to participants.


    On June 23, ViteX enabled market-making as mining for trading pair XGM/BTC. XGM is an asset listed and supported by Operator VGATE.


    Data on VITE and VX

    • As of June 30, 19,602,884 VITE have been burned through ViteX, accounting for 1.96% of total issuance.
    • 129,955,233.02 VITE are staked on ViteX, accounting for 12.9% of total issuance.
    • 8,307,408.55 VX have been released, of which 7,711,809.33 VX (about 92.83%) are being staked for dividends.
    • To-date, 69.5 BTC worth of dividends have been distributed. The pool of undistributed dividends stands at 31.1 BTC.

    Vite Labs COO Richard released a new episode of the podcast series The Blockchain Debate Podcast, with the topic around nation-state attacks on bitcoin. Independent crypto analyst Hasu and London-based payment tech entrepreneur Mike Kelly came on as guests.

    The episode touched upon the incentives, methodology, aftermath and community resolution in relation to nation-state attack.

    On June 22, our COO Richard spoke at a virtual event hosted by the San Francisco based crypto saloon Starfish, where he discussed blockchain tech with the local crypto community.


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