Jason Williams Of Morgan Creek Digital Believes Major Banks Are Buying BTC On The Down-Low…

  • Jason Williams Of Morgan Creek Digital Believes Major Banks Are Buying BTC On The Down-Low

    Recently, Jason Williams of Morgan Creek digital has said that major banks are buying bitcoin on the down-low and they don’t want the public to know about it. Williams adds to this saying that they are ensuring that the price of bitcoin doesn’t go up by not speaking about the digital coin while they stack up on the asset.

    Over the past 10 years, there have been many big banks in the United States that have spoken out against bitcoin on a public level.

    A good example is the chief executive officer of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon. He said that bitcoin was a fraud waiting to blow up in 2017. Even though he said these harsh words on the leading crypto assets, there are many companies such as JP Morgan who are now offering services to crypto businesses. In fact, JPM coin was launched last year and just last month, the bank released an analysis saying that bitcoin is likely to survive which makes it obvious that they could already be bullish on the flagship currency.

    Even though JP Morgan Chase has seemingly adopted bitcoin or at least Cryptocurrency in the long run, there are many banks that have still yet to accept the nascent asset.

    Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest banking institutions in the world, is resisting the world of crypto and specifically, bitcoin. Over the years, the bank has issued several warnings against investing in bitcoin, and even over the years, its stance hasn’t seemingly changed.

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