PayPal & Paxos: A Crypto Trading Partnership Made In Heaven?

  • PayPal & Paxos: A Crypto Trading Partnership Made In Heaven?

    One of the biggest payment processors in the world, PayPal is reportedly planning to facilitate cryptocurrency trading through a new partnership with the stablecoin operator, Paxos.

    Reports surfaced earlier today saying that PayPal is planning to bring in crypto trading through the new brokerage service from Paxos and currently, it is unclear as to which crypto assets will be supported by the payments processor.

    This all follows an announcement on the 15th July of the Paxos launch of the crypto brokerage service that gives other companies the ability to integrate crypto trading functionality to their services. It can be used through a simple application programming interface implementation and also looks over regulatory compliance.

    As PayPal gets further and further involved in the crypto space, it is a sign of something different for the industry as we go into a new direction of major development.

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