Ryozo Himino Appointed As New Commissioner Of Japanese FSA

  • Ryozo Himino Appointed As New Commissioner Of Japanese FSA

    Ryozo Himino was recently announced to be the next leader of the financial services agency in Japan. Earlier this week on the 20th of July, the FSA gave an update to the executive directory stating that Himino is now listed as a commissioner of the watchdog group. Before this, the lawmaker was the agency's international financial deputy counselor and the first Japanese chairman of the standing committee for the financial stability board.

    This means that Himino will be replacing the leaving commissioner, Toshihide Endo. In the past, the well-known bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano described his role as a big part of bitcoin and the lighting network.

    But it seems that this new commissioner could be a big ball on bitcoin as well. Himino played a big factor in helping bring Adam Back of Blockstream to a seminar at a G20 meeting in Fukuoka last year. On top of this, he compared the currency from Facebook, Libra as an alarm clock and made regulators and government bodies open their eyes to the world of crypto.

    As Himino takes over as the agency's new commissioner, who knows what the future will hold for the Japanese financial watchdog.

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