Adam Back & Satoshi Nakamoto: Friends Or Strangers?

  • Adam Back & Satoshi Nakamoto: Friends Or Strangers?

    One early adopter of the leading cryptocurrency, Marshall Hayner has recently said that the CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back once had a drink with the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto in London.

    The chief executive officer of Metal Pay said that he heard from the man himself at a party in Los Gatos a few years ago that he once met the anonymous creator of the flagship cryptocurrency.

    Hayner said that he was invited to the party by Austin Hill, the Blockstream CEO at the time. During this period of the crypto space, the community was small and nowhere near the size of what it is today. The night went on and the topic of Satoshi Nakamoto came up in conversation. This is when Back said he met him once.

    When asked to elaborate on that subject, Back said:
    “I don't want to say too much. But he is a British guy and I met him in London and went to the pub and had a beer. I think he might be an MI6.”

    Interestingly enough though, Back has been firm in denying that he ever met the creator of bitcoin and maintains that he never actually told his story.

    “No, I would not have said that for it is not true; as far as I know no one (who is not making up stories) has claimed to have met Satoshi in person. Also I do not know who Marshall Hayner is and did not interact with him on this topic.”

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